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Pengui-Camp and August 25 Meetings

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Aug 202012
What follows is an extensive invitation to enjoy some fun and laughter (and a little bit of work) to close out the summer.  If you’re interested, here is a quick summary.
What: Pengui-Camp
Where: Monroe, MI – a private residence (details below) has offered space to use for a large-scale outdoor party for the Penguicon Community, which includes large outdoor space, pool, bonfire, outdoor activities, and camping.
When: August 25th 3:00PM – Dawn, or whenever you wake up.
This get together will include a brief Programming meeting to coordinate moving forward with each track and project, followed by a ConCom meeting to address any summer developments, followed by a SMOS dinner, followed by fun for all.
Still interested? Keep on reading.  Not available/not your thing? Skip the rest.
Ok, I’m still reading.  What’s the deal exactly?
Your gracious ConChair has organized a large-scale, outdoor party to be enjoyed by the Penguicon Community.  At 3:00PM, a programming meeting will be held with the Programming team, but all are welcome to attend.  Similarly, a 2013 Planning meeting will follow at approximately 4:00PM, with all welcome to attend.  For those not looking to get any work done, you are additionally invited to the SMOS dinner provided at 7:00PM.
So you’re just having some meetings outside?
No, no.  It’s much more than that.  We will be situated on a 1.5 acre lot with ample space for outdoor activities (bring your frisbees).  There is a pool available.  Food will be provided.  And this will be a fun way to close out the summer.
Sounds fun, can I just come for the fun and not the boring meetings?
Sure!  It’s an open space and everyone is welcome.  You can help as little or as much as you like.
What will you be eating?
The SMOS budget will cover the main course (hamburgers, hot dogs, and a vegetarian option).  The hosts (ConChair and Programming) will be donating some additional food and beverages.  Everyone else is encouraged but NOT required to bring along some extra dishes, snacks, beverages, toilet paper, etc. in a pot luck style.
Will there be alcohol?
There will be many beverages, including some alcohol for those 21+.  People are encouraged to bring their own as well, but again, not required.
Can I bring my friends?
This is open to the entire community.  Significant others, spouses, children, are welcome.  Friends too.  If you are bringing a carload of people, do consider contributing to the food or beverages.
You called this a camp, will people be camping outdoors?
Yes.  A group of us will be camping at the event, and anyone who wishes to join us should coordinate with Tim Slovik (  You MUST provide your own tent, or coordinate with someone who has space for you.  No one shall be sleeping in the open grounds.  If you have space and can share, speak to Tim.
Will this be a safe place over night?
Yes.  This is a private residence, not a camp grounds.  The space is mostly open, not surrounded by woods which invite creepy individuals looking to do you harm.  In addition, a securtiy team will be awake and on duty 24 hours to prevent shenanigans of any type.  If you are interested in joining the security team, please contact Tim (
Is there a bathroom?
There are indoor and outdoor facilities.  At sundown, only the outdoor facilities will be available for restroom use.
Ok, I’m intrigued.  Where is this place?

Sorry.  No mass posting of a private address to the entire list.  Everyone is welcome to attend, but everyone who does must RSVP by contacting Tim (for those who can’t remember:

Thanks again for all of your hard work this summer, especially with Mini-Maker Faire!

There’s still much to do, but don’t worry, all of those to-do lists will get shorter over the next few months as we dive into what I hope to be my awesomest Penguicon ever!

Love yas all!
Captain Sparrow

Sarah Slovik
2013 Conchair

Penguicon Planning Meetings and Summer Events!

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Jul 122012

Thanks everyone who came to the June Planning Meeting.  Check out notes here:

Mark your calendars for the upcoming events:

July 14, Pig and Whiskey Meetup – East Troy Street between the WAB and the Emory, Ferndale

July 21, 5pm,

UPDATE: The July Planning Meeting has been postponed due to the location being unavailable due to the Ann Arbor Art Fair. The new date and time will be set as soon as details can be worked out. Sorry for any inconvenience and for the short notice. Please take a moment to pass this information on to anyone you think may need it.

Again, the meeting that was scheduled for July 21, 5pm, Planning Meeting – Dominick’s 812 Monroe Street Ann Arbor, MI 48104 has been cancelled and will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

Please make a point to check in with ConCom. 


July 28 8pm i3Detroit Maker Faire After Party

July 28 and 29 Support our Makers at the Henry Ford Maker Faire

July 29, 12noon AASFA Annual Picnic/Stilyagi – Veteran’s Memorial Park, 2150 Jackson Ave. Ann Arbor, MI

Pengui-CampOut Save the Date! August 25, Monroe, MI Time To Be Announced


Don’t forget to pick up your Penguin Passports from Captain Sparrow, your 2013 ConChair.  Remember, those of you who rack up enough stamps will not only enjoy the excellent variety of Meetups that your ConChair has planned for you, but you’ll have extra special surprises at the con in April 2013.  That’s right, just 9 months left to get your passport filled up!!!

Picnic and Planting! You’re all invited!

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May 112012

Penguicon would like to cordially invite you to a fantastic Planting Picnic!


You are all welcome to come for friends, food and fun!


Details Details Details!

Date:  May 27 (if weather washes our event away a new date will be announced if possible)

Time:  2pm

Location:  Nankin Mills Recreation Area – Hines Drive (Ann Arbor Trail and Hines)

Available:   Restrooms (recommendation:  bring one roll of toilet paper per family)

Also Available:  picnic tables and playground, family friendly environment

Potluck:  Penguicon will provide one dish to share and bottled water.  Please bring anything else you might need to relax and enjoy this picnic.

Seed-ball project:  We will be making seed balls for two reasons:  1.  to start our own gardens  2.  to take to Mini-Maker Faire in June.  We will provide dirt, compost, seeds, and plastic gloves.  Please bring any other protective gear you may require.  You are welcome to bring your own seeds to share or use ours.  Supplies available while they last, first come first serve.

Bring your self, seeds to share if you’ve got any, a dish to pass if you know how to cook and some dirt friendly clothing cuz we are certainly going to get down and dirty!

Sarah “Captain Sparrow” Slovik

Conchair 2013

Head of Programming 2012
Eco Track 2009 – 2011
twitter: eco_gg
“It’s in every one of us to be wise.”


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May 112012

Mini-Maker Faire Ann Arbor June 2 10am-5pm!!!


By 10pm TODAY(5/11) – first choice shift and shirt size

By May 21 – first and second choice of shift

9am – 12noon
11am – 2pm
1pm – 4pm
3pm – 6pm
Random time you can’t decide on yet

Responsibilities include:  talk about penguicon, supervise the make and take seed-ball project, spend time with the 2013 Conchair(yep that’s me!), have fun with friends, see awesome exhibits from local makers.

I think it’d be best to have at least 2 people there at all times, breaking it up gives us each time to get food, see the exhibits and booths and still feel alive enough to go to Royal Oak’s Baconfest…




Philip Proefrock shares EcoGeek presentations

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May 072012

Check out Philip’s notes here from his nifty presentations from 2012 Penguicon!

‘Alternative’ Alternative Power Generation

Science Fiction Materials for Your Home