Sarah Slovik

Penguicon Wants You!

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Apr 242012

Having the time of your life this weekend at Penguicon?  Want to meet the 2013 Conchair?  Have awesome ideas for cons to come?  Learn how to get involved with the 2013 convention by attending the following convention events:

Newbie Intro and Tour

Opening Ceremonies

Penguicon Board Meeting

CONCOM 2013 Meeting

Penguicon Wants You!

Closing Ceremonies

Feedback Session

We are looking for all areas, including ConCom members, Programming Staff and Track Heads, Project Managers, Panelists and more!

Email to speak to Sarah, your 2013 ConChair.




Gaming Staff Needed, Please Help!

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Apr 202012

Ever get that feeling, you know the one, when you’re sent to bed and the grown ups are all still awake doing grown uppy things without you?  I knew you’d understand!  Stay up late with us in the Game Room, or should I say the Grand Foyer?  See, doesn’t it just sound like something you would feel left out from?  I know you’d all like to help, but hold on just one darn minute, I only have a few little slots left.  First come first serve, grab em up before they’re gone!

2am – 4am
4am – 6am
6am – 8am
8am – 10am

2am – 4am
4am – 6am
6am – 8am
8am – 10am

Don’t forget, by working just 8 hours you get the discounted Staff rate of $25!  Such a bargain for simply doing what you love or resting while watching others play games and have fun.  Don’t wait, sign up now, con’s just a week away my friends!

Please email to sign up for any number of shifts, your choice.

Get involved today!

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Feb 242012

There are still several openings for presentations, events, and panels.  If you are hoping to present in some way, please take some time to contact us with your ideas.

Other ways to help out come in the form of donating items we need.  Different projects require different supplies, some of which are harder to come by.  Many staff members are seeking out equipment and donations right now.  If you have something you don’t need and would like to see go to good use, let us know, maybe we can use it.

On that note, we are preparing some of the Prom decorations and could use some help with that.  Continue reading »