Program Book


What can you expect to find at the convention?

We have something for everyone!  First, we are an Open Source convention.  Open Source
generally refers to a quantity of computer software that is freely shared.  As the convention
has grown over the years, so has the idea that Open Source can apply to more than computers. 
Second, the focus on Science Fiction and Fantasy has expanded from literature to include
costuming, cosplay, anime, comic books, webcomics, music, and other forms of entertainment.  We
have added several new areas over the last few years, please read on to see what you can expect
at this year’s convention.
  • Celebrities – Our Guests of Honor and Nifties
  • A Consuite – Free (as in Beer) food and…well…beer. It’s not free, you already paid for it!
  • Features and Events – Like the Geek Prom, Drag Show, room parties, and so much more.
  • Program Items – Panels, Discussions, and Events…oh yeah, we do this stuff too!

    • Tech – Krunal Desai
      • Nothing scheduled yet, email Krunal above to find out what’s going on!
    • DIY – Krunal Desai
      • Nothing scheduled yet, email Krunal above to find out what’s going on!
    • Science – Richard Herrell
      Science programs include the future of automotive technology, becoming a pilot, trading options, open source diabetes care, martial arts, and the warrior spirit.
      • Nothing scheduled yet, email Richard above to find out what’s going on!
    • Green / Eco – Jody Raiford
      In the words of Cantus Fraggle, “We are all a part of everything and everything is a part of all of us.” As the core mission of Eco Geeks everywhere, this sentiment truly upholds the value of saving our planet. This is the fourth year that Penguicon totes the Eco Track. Once again, Sustainable Computing and Eco-Friendly Open Sourcing have joined up with DIY, Natural Products, Recycling and Upcycling to show how each area of life affects the rest of the world. The “ECO” prefix literally means “concerned with living things in relation to their environment.” The EcoGeeks support earth friendly motives and hope to share those goals with interested con-goers. Cooperation from several generous organizations helped make this track what it is today.
    • Literature – Ferrett Steinmetz
      • Nothing scheduled yet, email Ferrett above to find out what’s going on!
    • Costuming – Kat McConnell
      This track features various aspects of costuming and cosplay.  Panels ranging from sewing, prop making, and makeup for a variety of experience levels.  The track shares 3 large events including the Masquerade Costume Design Show, the Geek Prom, and the Drag Show.
      • Masquerade Costume Design Show (Saturday Night)
      • Geek Prom (Saturday Night)
    • Food – Lucy Kennedy
      The Food Track is ramping up for another delicious year at Penguicon!  Many of the old favorites will be returning, including Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, Oxling’s Alcoholic Chocolates, many tastings of cheese, mead, wine and tea, and the infamous Whiskey Panel put on by two of our niftiest nifties – Dawn Kuczwara and Greg Williams of the Dawn and Greg Naked Comedy Show! We also will have some new panels covering molecular gastronomy, food reviewing, and delicious options for the vegetarian lifestyle. Whether you love chocolate, mead, wine or just food overall, the food track for 2012 is sure to whet your appetite!
      • Nothing scheduled yet, email Lucy above to find out what’s going on!
    • Gaming – Ryan Shipman
      • Nothing scheduled yet, email Ryan above to find out what’s going on!
    • Video Games – Ryan Carey
      This track is all for the Video Gamers out there and anyone interested in getting into it. We have panels involving competitions like Rock Band Rock Off where you will face off against other bands to compete for this years Rock Off Trophy, open conversational panels such as The MMO Conversation where MMO players talk directly with the panelists about MMO’s that are out, coming out, and game mechanics. We even have game developing panels that discuss the process of making video games, and tutorial panels where you learn how to better play some of the popular games out there right now. This track has been built from the ground up over 3 years, help us make it grow and enjoy it!
      • Rock Band Rock Off (Friday Night)
      • MMO Conversation
    • Webcomics – David Adams
      The webcomics track is very happy to bring back the always popular Megan Gedris (Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space, Yu + Me, Meaty Yogurt), and introduce Joe Foo (Desmond’s Comic, Art at Joe’s) to his very first Penguicon!  These two along with many of your favorite returning panelists are sure to provide some entertaining discussion about the current state of the world of comics!  Also, be sure to stop by the Dealer’s Room to chat with the artist’s one-on-one!
      • Nothing scheduled yet, email David above to find out what’s going on!
    • MaYhEm – Tim Slovik
      Mayhem is officially defined as the willful and unlawful crippling or mutilation of another person.  We don’t endorse that sort of violence, so we had to go with the more general and vernacular meaning of mayhem – utter chaos.  This track has embraced randomness over the years and has evolved to embody activities that do not fit into a typical panel discussion or demonstration.  The Mayhem Track constitutes numerous activities that can not be contained in a single session or location, and involve active participation (voluntary and involuntary) from those attending Penguicon.
      • Nothing scheduled yet, email Tim above to find out what’s going on!
    • Life – Tim Slovik
      All things considered, this track could encompass just about anything and everything (minus the undead of course).  Any aspect of Penguicon life can be brought to the table as a suitable topic of discussion or demonstration.  Since so many areas of our favorite interests are covered throughout other areas, the Life Track has taken on the form of those operations that affect life outside the con.  Hobbies, careers, alternative lifestyles, and other interests which don’t fit into other tracks settle down for the eclectic collection of activity known as the Life Track.
      • Nothing scheduled yet, email Tim above to find out what’s going on!
    • Music – eMpyre ramireX
      The music track offers music performance by fellow con-goers in the styles of Filk, Chip-Tunes, and Nerdcore.  Our panelists will offer diverse perspectives to answer questions on just about any conceivable music topic.  We’ll offer information on how to find obscure sub-genres within the geek realm as well as panels on how to use technology create music or absorb it as a listener.
      • Nothing scheduled yet, email eMpyre above to find out what’s going on!
    • After Dark – Jason Basile
      Penguicon brings out the best in creative influences but what about those darker, more beastial urges that lurk beneath the surface? Welcome to After Dark.  Penguicon’s premier “adult” convention, AfterDark hosts scenes from the more sinful side of humankind.  It is the basement of the mind and soul.  Journey to its depths and let your inner beast emerge!  Classically After Dark has included a drag show and other forms of late-night entertainment.  If you have an idea you would like to see unfold with After Dark, let us know!
      • Drag Show (Friday Night)