Congratulation, you’ve made it to step 2 of the registration process! (You did do step 1, read the rules, right?)

Registration Methods

We have several registration methods available for you to use!


If you are registering from outside of the US, please contact registration directly.

U.S. Mail

Just fill out the online registration form, submit it, print it out, and mail it with a Check or Money Order to:

P.O. Box 40869
Redford, MI 48240-0869.

In person

You may preregister in person at certain other events. If you are affiliated with an event or users group, that is related to fandom, computer, or any other topic that parallels Penguicon and would like us to come to your event or meeting, please send a request to our Con Chair.

Pre-Registration cut-off dates are subject to change. Notice: Pre-registration fees are NOT refundable.

Age Limits

Also, in order to preregister for a youth rate, the person registering must be under the age of 18 at the time of the convention, not just when they preregister. If the person turns 18 before the convention they must preregister at an adult rate. Attendees will be asked to show a photo ID with age in order to receive their convention badge. There is no preregistration fee for children age 12 or under. Children in this age range are welcome at the convention, and will not be charged for admission. However, parents should be aware that Penguicon does not provide any programming or services for children age 12 or under, and will require that all children in this age range are always accompanied by a registered convention attendee. Unaccompanied children will not be permitted into non-public convention areas and functions. Please also consider that some evening and night convention functions may involve topics or dress that may be inappropriate for children. Penguicon can not be held responsible for any unaccompanied minors.


Please note that if payment is sent by mail, the preregistration form and payment must be postmarked prior to the end of the preregistration period in order to apply the preregistration rate for that period.

Registration At The Door

After pre-registration closes on March 31, 2012, the only way to attend Penguicon will be to register at the door. Registration is open 24 hours. When it closes in the middle of the night, the Operations center can register you. At the door registration will be available both for the weekend and for single days, at these rates:

At The Door Rates

At The Door Rates
Whole weekend
Regular (18 or older)
Youth (13 – 17 years old)


Any questions about preregistration or registration in general can be addressed to the registration staff.

Next Step

Once you’re registered, move on to step 3, acquisition of hotel room!