Free…free as in beer?!

Hungry? Thirsty? Brand new to Penguicon? In need of a respite? Then why are you standing around reading this blurb instead of heading directly to the Penguicon ConSuite located on the Fourth Floor -North Suites; Rooms 401 & 402 of the Hyatt Hotel?

Seriously, you’re not here yet?  Well damn, if you’re not visiting The ConSuite – d00d, you’re missing out!

For those not in the know, a ConSuite is a room (or set of rooms) where convention attendees, like yourself gather to meet, eat, greet and imbibe. We like to think of our ConSuite as Penguicon’s living room, set up with a miasma of foods, snacks, drinks and friends.  Although the ConSuite might look busy or intimidating to new folks, just like Emperor Penguins of the Antarctic, there is always room for one more in our space!

Open 24 hours a day during the con, The ConSuite Staff and Volunteer Penguins work to keep the deli lunch meats, salad fixings, munchies, breakfast goodies, hot food items, and the pops, waters, caffeinated beverages, juices and beers (if you’re 21+) flowing. If you’re hungry or thirsty the ConSuite will have something available at all hours of the day(s) and night(s).

This year, the ConSuite will be located in rooms 401 & 402. (Walk out of fourth floor elevator bay, turn left, keep walking. We’re at the end of the long and winding hall.) This year in an ever ambitious step, Cylithria, the Head of Hospitality & ConSuite, plans to be officially open to any 2012 Registered Penguicon Attendee at Noon on Friday, April 27th. From there, the ConSuite will remain open throughout Penguicon and happily transition into the DeadDog Party starting moments after closing ceremonies on Sunday, April 29th.

Want to know more about what ConSuite has to offer? This year your ConSuite is working hand in hand with Penguicon Food Track Programming to bring you even more epic things in the ConSuite! Dying to see the LN2 Ice Cream panels? Want to try some of Oxling’s Famous Alcoholic Chocolates? Participate in any of our Food Track Panels? Then head on up to rooms 401 & 402 and our door greeters will happily show you the way into our specially designated Food Track Program Space. Check the Program Schedule for the programming available in our ConSuite/Food Track Room, and for dates & times!

Alcohol will begin to be served on Friday at 6:00pm. Proper Identification will be required for each drink poured by ConSuite Beer Trolls. Beer Trolls will accept any valid(current) State I.D, State drivers license, Military I.D., or Passport. You will be required to present proper Identification each time you request an alcoholic beverage. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The ConSuite has just a few Rules we need every attendee to follow:
– The ConSuite does NOT have any rest room facilities. Bathrooms in each Suite are for storage purposes ONLY.
– Shoes and Shirts Required for entry.
– Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a Penguicon Registered Adult at all times.
– No Sleeping in the ConSuite.
– Clean up after yourself. Dispose of Pop Cans in Recycle Bins, Trash in Trash Cans
– Absolutely NO ALCOHOL may leave the ConSuite’s Double Doors. Period. Even if you carry it into the ConSuite, once it is in our ConSuite you must consume it, or dispose of it prior to departure. NO EXCEPTIONS.
-If you rely on the ConSuite for all of your nourishment requirements during Pcon, YOU WILL DIE!  Just sayin’

So, if you’re still reading and not yet on an elevator shooting up to that Fourth Floor, get your penguibutt in gear! Because one thing I forgot to mention; The ConSuite (and everything in it) is free…free as in beer with your 2012 Penguicon Registration Badge!

Fourth Floor – North Suites, Rooms 401 & 402. Where else will you witness Cylithria slathering Jer in mayo? No place but The ConSuite!

See you there!
Cylithria Dubois
Head of Hospitality – Penguicon 2012

Interested in becoming ConSuite Staff? For more information email Cylithria at [email protected] or fill out our handy Staff Application Form:

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