Rules (Yes, we do have some)

Social Interactions

  • If you must argue, please do so in your room. People deemed confrontational in any way that interferes with the enjoyment of other convention goers will be referred to Secretary of Violence to schedule an appointment in the lists. Perform Nerf combat, then let it go.
  • Often at conventions, many of various genders wear scanty costumes. Please be respectful by not touching them without a clear invitation, and by keeping in mind that “No Means No.” Actually, these are good things to remember no matter what a person may be wearing.
  • If someone tells you to leave them alone, do so. Please report persistent “physical-presence spam” to Ops, and ask them to fetch the Conchair for you.


  • The display of bondage gear or fetish clothing in public is controversial, but acceptable at the convention. We would recommend that it is most appropriate in the evenings. However please keep BD/SM scenes or play in your room to avoid non-consensual experiences for others.
  • Proper attire shall be worn at all times in public and function areas which includes covering all bits that would have to be covered if one were outdoors. Further, all attendees must wear footwear on the main floor at all times. Failure to be properly attired could mean immediate removal from the premises by the hotel without refund.
  • Please keep your public displays of affection rated PG-13.
  • Some costumes/attire may be very skimpy and revealing. Do not be “that guy” or “that girl” and take this to mean that the person wants to be touched all the time. Do not contribute to convention stereotypes.

Physical Activities

  • If you disassemble or displace things which are not yours, please return them to their original condition and placement expediently.
  • Even if you want to conduct a study of physics, don’t cause objects to be propelled through the air. Also, please don’t release objects such that they fall a greater distance than to the floor on which you are standing. If you can cause an object to remain suspended in midair without conventional means of support, go right ahead.
  • Weapons, real or simulated, should remain secured and not be brandished about. Check out next section for what’s allowed at the con. (Hint: “Slice” is bad. “Boom” is worse.)
  • Most importantly, do not run while carrying scissors.

Costume Weapons

  • Bladed weapons and replica firearms are allowed at Penguicon, either as parts of costumes or as part of dealer displays or pre-arranged martial arts displays. Blades that are part of costumes must be peace-bonded, and can only be displayed openly when worn as part of the entire costume. Blades and/or firearms should never be carried openly by themselves in the hotel.
  • Replica and toy firearms are allowed, but not weapons which can actually fire any potentially damaging projectiles (or which could ever have). This means that actual pistols, rifles, bb guns, crossbows, and any similar weaponry are not allowed, even if they have been altered so that they can not be fired. Convention staff cannot take responsibility for making an error in evaluating the weapon.
  • Also, no weapon, whether it be a replica, toy, or anything else, can be brought to the convention if it contains gunpowder or any other explosive in any quantity. This means that caps for cap guns, blanks for starter pistols, bullets, or anything else with potential for explosion or fire will not be permitted. Also, costume items that contain or use an open flame or heating element are not allowed. (Note: to clarify for those bringing firearms for the “Geeks with Guns” event at the offsite range, the above items pertain to public display and costumes. Please be safe, sane and discreet.)

Alcoholic Beverages

  • As part of con hospitality, Penguicon will be serving beer during evening and late night hours in the ConSuite. There may also be other events that will include beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages. In the interest of avoiding those awkward confrontations with the hotel, or those even more awkward late night meetings with the police, we ask that everyone please observe some common sense rules about alcoholic beverages at the con.
  • Penguicon volunteers will be checking IDs before serving any alcoholic beverages. You must be 21 or over in order to drink.
  • Proof of age will be required at the point of service, not during registration. In other words, you must bring your ID to the ConSuite and to parties in order to drink. Con badges will NOT indicate age or be accepted as proof of age. Acceptable forms of ID are drivers’ licenses, state issued picture IDs, military IDs, and passports.
  • Anyone seen to be violating state drinking laws (for instance, by providing alcohol to someone under 21) will not be allowed into the ConSuite. Repeated or major violations may result in removal of the violators from the hotel.
  • Open alcoholic beverages should not be brought into convention function rooms or consumed in the public spaces of the hotel.
  • Room parties in guest rooms are welcome to provide hospitality (potentially including serving alcohol). Each party must comply with the regulations imposed by the hotel, the state, and the convention related to alcohol and alcohol service. Have fun — sensibly!

Other Mind Altering Behaviours

  • Sleep deprivation and various states of *glycemia are too often overlooked when considering mind altering behaviors. Be good to yourself by getting some sleep in each 24-hour period, as well as at least one non-junk-food meal in the same time frame. You’ll save yourself the trouble of feeling physically exhausted and unendurably moody. The 5-2-1 rule is a good recommendation: 5 hours of sleep, two meals and one shower per day.
  • Do not take open alcoholic beverages out of the ConSuites or private rooms where they are served. Caffeine, however, may be consumed in any location.
  • Please confine the use of any illegal drugs to another venue.


Michigan has passed new anti-smoking legislation. Please refrain from smoking in the hotel. A special smoking area (or areas) will be provided, labelled and announced for your convenience. Anyone caught smoking outside of designated areas will be treated as though they were on fire…

Parental Concerns

  • Although we don’t forbid children, we aren’t claiming to be intended for them either. Parents bring their children at their own risk. For instance, there are some panel topics inappropriate for children. Some evening and night convention functions may involve attendee costume and activities possibly inappropriate for children. You don’t want your child eating a lot of the free caffeinated mints in the ConSuite as if they were candy.
  • We don’t provide anything specifically intended for them to do. We don’t charge for children age 12 or under to attend, we don’t allow them to register as an attendee, and we don’t kick them out. The one issue we have had, is that we do ask that parents not use the Chaos Machine or the board games room as babysitting. Those are popular with kids, but we then seek out the missing parent and make them accompany their child.
  • If you bring your child, do not complain at the feedback session. If you are going to complain at the feedback session about the availability of caffeinated mints in the Consuite, or the distribution of condoms, or the supervisors in the game room, or Chaos Machine kicking out your child for disruption, then do not bring your child to Penguicon.

Swimming Pool

  • Pool hours will be posted, please pay attention to them!
  • If you have children, please supervise them.
  • Don’t drink and swim.
  • Be courteous to other users of the area.
  • Be safe.
  • Try to keep your swim attire on, please.

Get A Room! No Sleeping in the Lobby!

Even if you are local to the convention, we encourage you to rent a room, for two big reasons. First, odds are good that you’re going to want to hang out and do fun things until the wee small hours of morning. It’s much easier to max out the fun potential of the convention if you don’t have to worry about driving home. The second is for the sake of the convention. If enough convention members rent rooms, we don’t have to pay for function space. Which means we can run the convention more cheaply and afford to do it again next year. ‘Nuff said, right? And anyone who volunteers at the convention is allowed and welcome to sleep in the volunteer suite (the “Penguin Pit”), providing there are a few square inches of unclaimed space.

Game Room Rules

  1. NO PETS. For the safety and comfort of everyone, only medically necessary service animals will be allowed in the gaming areas. Gaming staff will ask the owners of all other animals to leave.
  2. BE CAREFUL WITH FOOD & DRINKS. Eating and drinking are allowed in gaming, but please take extra care not to spill, and please properly dispose of all empty containers and waste materials.
  3. GAMING IS NOT A DAY CARE SERVICE. Anyone under the age of 13 must purchase a membership badge at the youth rate or be tethered to a parent or legal guardian at all times. Additionally, anyone under the age of 18 must carry contact information for a parent or legal guardian at all times. Gaming staff will ask anyone who is unwilling to comply to leave.
  4. RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE. The people who run games at Penguicon are unpaid volunteers. Likewise, other gamers paid for the privilege to play games at Penguicon. Gaming staff will ask anyone caught mistreating others to leave.
  5. RESPECT OTHERS’ PROPERTY. Penguicon has a small gaming library, but most of the games are the private property of the gaming staff and other volunteers. Gaming staff will ask anyone caught mistreating any games to leave.
  6. NO TANTRUMS. Games have winners and losers. If you won, congratulations! But please don’t rub it in. If you lost, please don’t whine about it. Better luck next time! Gaming staff will ask anyone who causes or participates in any disturbance to leave.
  7. Above all — PLAY FAIR, & HAVE FUN!


The ConSuite has just a few Rules we need every attendee to follow:

  •  – The ConSuite does NOT have any rest room facilities. Bathroom areas in each Suite are for storage purposes ONLY.
  •  – Shoes and Shirts Required for entry.
  •  – Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a Penguicon Registered Adult at all times.
  •  – No Sleeping in the ConSuite.
  •  – Clean up after yourself. Dispose of Pop Cans in Recycle Bins, Trash in Trash Cans
  •  – Absolutely NO ALCOHOL may leave the ConSuite’s double doors. Period. Even if you carry it into the ConSuite, once it is in our ConSuite you must consume it, or dispose of it prior to departure. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  •  -If you rely on the ConSuite for all of your nourishment requirements during Pcon, YOU WILL DIE!  Just sayin’

If these rules agree with you, let’s move on and get you registered for the con!