Welcome to a closer look at becoming a Penguin!

Volunteer work is measured in our reputation currency, Whuffie. For each hour worked and recorded through our volunteer staff, you earn 1 Whuffie. Whuffie is paid out at the volunteer desk only, it is your responsibility to turn your signed off hours into the volunteer desk.

Volunteer Hours that have not been sign off on by a staff member will not be given Whuffie. Lost volunteer sheets will not be replaced.

Here is a more descriptive list or the possible jobs that penguins (volunteers) take on 🙁 please excuse my spelling-or lack there of)

  • Set Up/ Tear Down – This takes place on Thursday Afternoon and Friday Morning before Opening Ceremonies as well as on Sunday Evening. It consists of helping organize the cons function space as well as help unloading /reloading the truck (food, KidCon stuff, Masquerade, appliances, and other odds and ends). It may also include trips to the storage unit to help load the truck. I would recommend people (or aliens) who enjoy or are at least willing to do some moderately heavy lifting, as well as many trips in elevators. Perks include knowing what food the con has before anyone else.
  • Registration – This takes place on Friday and Saturday and started Mid-Morning and stays open until around 8 (when registration will be moved to ops). Helping out usually involves directing people on how to register (a simple: you give us your name and possibly some money and we hand you a badge). Head of Registration- Brian Decker will be present to explain any duties he needs fulfilled. Registration will require being able to laugh at the “stinkin’ badges” joke more than your fair share of times- but the perks include meeting almost EVERYONE- including GoHs.
  • Operations (OPS) – This starts almost from before con starts right to the very last moments- 24 hours a day. Most of the duty of this job is in making sure that everything else in the con is running smoothly. As a volunteer you do you’re very best to answer questions (cheat sheet almost provided) as well as take in any complaints or problems brought to you and get them to the right ConCom member. Ops holds the lost and found- as well as keys to the penguin pit. It is your general help station. Working Ops requires helpful and calm people who are good with others and think on their feet- or simply people who are willing to stay in one place for long periods of time. Perks include being able to ask other penguins to get you food.
  • ConSuite – This is another job that is going on around the clock during con. It consists of keeping the ConSuite as presentable as possible, restocking food, making sure that no ConSuite property (or hotel property for that matter) “wonders off”, and even sometimes a bit of traffic control (i.e. “the caffeine is to the left the wanna-be pop is to the right.”) At the moment I am not sure if we have both a smoking and non- smoking suite. If we do the rules are the same except for one (obviously). Perks include being near the food at all times- as well as their always being people around.
  • Badge Checker – Most doors to Con Function space require a Badge checker, and will anytime the room is open. This job pertains to ensuring that people entering con-designated rooms have paid for the privilege, as well as makes it easier to control any potential issues (badge numbers have purpose) with any individual (which on the whole are few and far between) A badge checker also makes sure that nothing that shouldn’t leave the room do. (I.e. Games belonging the con- stay in the Gaming Room) Note: Food not including in the list of things not allowed to leave rooms. Perks include having a smidgen of power.
  • Event/Panel Set Up – This is general help with the setup of any function space that is being repositioned (i.e. turning the masquerade into a dance) It includes moderate lifting (chairs and folding tables) and the time line for it is sporadic at best. Perks usually include ribbons and first seating.
  • General Help – Anything else that may come up (And it always does).
  • I request that all volunteers be at least 10 years of age, and that anyone under 16 bring their parent or guardian to the volunteer table with them to give me that speech about “I know and approve of what my child is doing”- Note: I have had several youth volunteer in the past, they are a great help!

-Anna, Head of Penguins (volunteers)

Please email [email protected] for more information.