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Penguicon has many, many things happening outside of just panels and presentations! Here’s a look at only some of the things we have going on:

Geek Prom, Masquerade, the Drag Show, Room Parties, the live-action W.O.W. Game, our Chaos Toy, Open Soda, the Computer Lounge, Artist Alley, LN2 Ice Cream, random acts of chaos, presentations, panels, workshops, musical performances…  More information to come!

Geek Prom Saturday 8pm Desoto

Q:  What is a PROM at Penguicon?

  • A march of guests into a ballroom constituting the opening of a formal ball.
  • A high point.
  • A formal dance.
  • A memory chip whose contents can be programmed by a user or manufacturer for a specific purpose.

This will be the first year that Penguicon has hosted an official Geek Prom.  We encourage formal attire, which includes ball gowns, suits, costumes, and formal costumes.  It’s ok though, come as you are if you choose.  Kelii Parsons will be hosting Free Prom Pictures that will be available online.  Thank you to Luova Keliin Studios.  We plan to have music, dancing, and who knows what else, you’ll just have to wait and see!


The Masquerade Costume Parade and Contest

Saturday 4pm Stutz Parade Line-up   5pm Masquerade in Big Top

A premiere event at Penguicon, the Masquerade showcases the dedicated and talented costumers in attendance and includes a full parade and judged contest.  Each year brings its own theme or unique touch, but all costumes are welcome from the simplest newbie offerings to the most elaborate presentations.  Honored judges will award prizes, but the real reward comes in the form of unending praise, unending glory, and unending lines of con goers wanting your picture!

W.O.W. Live Game

Hello all my fellow on-line gamers! I understand your fear of withdrawal and hope to keep you busy with your own live action quest to keep the symptoms away. Come and join in this years live action world of warcraft themed game. Keep your eyes open for the gold ! to start your quest.

The Drag Show Friday 9pm Big Top

The amazing world of Drag King and Drag Queens! Ever wonder how they pull it off? Whether you’re a first timer, a seasoned regular, or just curious – come join us at the Drag 101 workshop and find out! For those interested – you’ll get a chance to strut your stuff on the runway at our very own Drag Show. Drag not your thing but want to perform? Not a problem come on over and join the fun. You may perform as male to male or female to female or what ever gender you wish even if that is none at all.

If you have any questions or are willing to lend your expertise to our workshop, please don’t hesitate to contact us at DragShow @ Penguicon.

Guidelines for Participation

Any money that is raised by the drag show will be donated to a charity that is called Affirmations.
For more information about them please visit: http://www.goaffirmations.org
For all of our Facebook users we have started a group where you can join in and make plans to do group performances or just check with others on what they are doing, or ask questions of others who have perform before and what they advice they can give that website is: http://www.facebook.com/groups/320869444614811/

Penguicon’s Chaos Toy – Lobby near Big Top

This customizable marble roller coaster will be open all weekend for Penguicon attendees to tinker with. It serves as a metaphor for the open source development process. We used to have a giant room-sized version of the contraption, at great expense, but in 2008 Penguicon got one of its very own. Each year, we plan to purchase additional Chaos Toy kits until one day we will match the size of the one which, in the past, was shipped in boxes to Penguicon from across the country. This popular attraction will live right here in Michigan and be available for your use every year!

Computer Lounge – Marquis, sponsored by MPCON

Feel free to drop on by to check your mail, browse the web, and perhaps find out a little bit more about open source software. You can also check out some technology demos that help show off the real power of Linux.

Artist Alley – Springwells

Are you attending Penguicon and are artistic? Do you have something you created that you’d like to offer to the Penguicon attending audience? Use our Artist Alley!  Artist Alley will be held exclusively in the dealer’s room this year.  For questions or to reserve your space, please contact [email protected].

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream – Consuite

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is a Food Track event that takes place many times over the weekend in the hospitality suite. Homemade ice cream is instantly created, in a variety of custom flavors, by adding liquid nitrogen to the recipe at negative 320 degrees Farenheit. The nitrogen boils off and goes out the window, leaving behind the other ingredients frozen into a smooth, creamy dairy dessert. It is truly a spectacle to behold! And the range of strange and imaginative flavors that work with this process is much wider than with normal ice cream. Bring your own crazy combo of flavor ingredients and challenge us! This year we are asking our Guests and Nifties to each design an ice cream flavor named after them.

Morton’s Miraculous Random Reality Machine – Grand Foyer

(brought to you by Morton’s List and a grant by the Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association.) This is a capsule toy vending machine that dispenses destiny. Your random adventure, designed by the creators of Morton’s List, will send you off into the convention to have strange experiences you wouldn’t have otherwise, with people and things you may have overlooked.

Room Parties

Every year there are several room parties at Penguicon. In fact, there is a special room block set aside for these parties. The room party coordinator collects data from those willing to throw a party at the convention, organizes it, and makes it widely available to attendees.  Check for signs and a list in the program book once attending the convention for more information.  Email [email protected] for details now.

Brick Challenge Saturday 11am Qualifications in Knight

Brick Challenge is, to my knowledge, the first live Lego-based game show.  The model is similar to Double Dare.  Two two-man teams will compete to be the winning team of each show.  One team red and one team blue will be challenged with a series of mini-games as well as quiz questions.  Winners will be determined by whichever team receives the most points.  We will have a mass qualification at XX:XX followed by taping 6 shows with the top 24 people from the qualification. This even is open to everyone so bring your building skills.

Geeks with Guns

Geek with guns
Friday April 27
Probably 2PM (time may vary a bit)
$22 per person up to 8
Optional gun rental $10 per rental
Optional ammo $10 – $23 depending on caliber for a box of 50.
Range officer will supervise and help novices.

33000 Ford Road
Westland, MI 48185
(Norh Side)

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To cover range fees for 8 people, we will charge $22 each.  BYO or rent guns and ammo.

E-mail us at [email protected].  First come, first serve.  Payment will be required soon via PayPal.  Your reservation is complete when we receive your PayPal contribution. 

UPDATE: We have reached our quota for this year. Thanks to all who signed up!


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