Apr 202012

We’ve been gathering analytical data on Penguicon.org since the site became live in early January, and I thought you may find some of the data interesting. Note, I will not be sharing any personal information that can be traced back to anyone.

Browsers Used

Google Chrome took the lead with an impressive 34% of all visits to the website. Firefox came in second with nearly 33%, Safari with 12% and IE just shy of 12%. However, we had one visit, just one, with a Playstation 3. Well done good geek sir (or ma’am).

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows won this category with an astounding 59% of all visits followed by Macintosh coming in second at 14% of all visits. Linux came in third with close to 13% while Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod operating systems taking up the bulk of the rest. We did have a couple of visits with the Google TV OS, and once again, our friend with the Playstation 3.


As expected, most of our visitors are from the United States or Canada, but we did receive a number of visits from the UK, Germany, Australia, India, Japan, Brazil, France, and Italy. Some of our more exotic visitors (or their proxy servers) hail from Nepal, Senegal, Morocco, and Philippines.


Referrals are links to Penguicon from other websites. We have Facebook to thank for most of our referral visits, with Sched coming in second, and a couple of URL shortening services taking up most of the rest.


Aside from the default landing page page, the Penguicon schedule page was the most popular page on the entire site with the About page coming in second and the Program Book page coming in third.

Site Speed

The average load time for all pages is 3.95 seconds. Surprisingly, IE loaded pages faster than any other browser averaging 2.28 seconds. Firefox came in second with an average of 3.86 seconds, and Chrome was dead last at 4.27 seconds.


Since tracking was started (January 11th, 2012) we have had a total of 13,855 visits, 8.042 unique visitors, 41,486 page views, with each user averaging 3 pages a visit. Average visit duration is 3 minutes, with 44% of all users returning more than once.