Feb 032012

We’re sorry we’ve been so quiet, we’ve just been hard at work putting together the biggest and best Penguicon yet (at least until next year outdoes us again). However we’ve miss you and we want to show off our new space!

We are holding a “bring a friend” party at our new digs at Hyatt Regency in Dearborn. We are planning to start the party around 7 PM on Friday, February 17th and would love you to drag along that one friend that has kind of hemmed and hawed about their interest in Penguicon but never made the trip. Or you could bring that friend that you know would love Penguicon, but you have a hard time explaining what Penguicon is to them.

There will be games to play, food to eat, booze to be consumed, friends to see, new friends to meet, and who doesn’t love LN2 ice cream?!

Maybe we can even get Jer to make his famed “man cream”, or maybe that’s not the greatest idea.

We have access to both the pool and the hot tub, so feel free to bring a bathing suit! There is even limited crash space, so bring a sleeping bag and a pillow. You may also rent a room for the night at our con rate of $99 and spare yourself the worry of a late-night drive or a designated driver!

We look forward to seeing you there!