Jan 102012

This post serves two purposes:

  1. To make sure this appears below the nice little “stickied” blurb above,
  2. and to let everyone know that we are still very much looking for talks! Contact your respective track head today and let them know what you’re thinking about!

Track heads are:

For further details on what each track is about, read on…

Tech covers technology; broad, huh? As we’re an open-source convention, pretty much everything Linux falls into here, but we also talk about cross-platform / general technology topics here, such as generic “state of the community” type presentations, building your own servers, software development, etc.

DIY is a recent addition, and as the name suggests, covers do-it-yourself style topics. Our local hackerspace, i3 is often present in full force to share their knowledge with attendees when it comes to DIY, from mechanical projects to electrical projects to clothing.

Literature is pretty self explanatory. Sci-Fi and other writers should check in here.