Feb 252012

No ConSuite is ever managed by a singular person. If anyone ever tells you otherwise, they ate too much funny smelling lunch meat! The reality is, an exceptional ConSuite is pulled off by a team of Convention Attendees. Because of that, I need YOU to become part of our team. I want you as Staff!

Staff Members of the ConSuite come from all walks of The Penguicon Convention and work various hours to fulfill their staff positions. Because of this, there are some perks to the Job. Being close to the food while it is hot. First in line eating privies. $25.00 registration fee instead of $50.00. The ability to hang out with nearly everyone at Penguicon, because they all eventually end up at the ConSuite 😀

Staff members are required to work a minimum of 10 scheduled hours. For these 10 hours of work, Staff Members only pay $25.00 for their Penguicon Badge Registration. These hours do not have to be served during the Con itself.

This year we are slated to offer some Staff Members the added bonus of working during Pack In (Thursday, April 26th) and Pack Out (Monday, April 30th). During Pack In or Pack Out days, every hour worked, counts as two. So for those lucky staffers who can be present on Thursday or Monday, you could work 5 hours and still be comped $25.00 Badge Rate – AND have your Penguicon free!

For those Staff Members unable to make the Thursday or Monday days, there is still plenty of excellent, fun jobs to be had. Cylithria will have in place, prior to the Con, a schedule for every one of the 14 Staff Member Penguicon is affording us this year. I’ll work with you to try and make sure you are NOT scheduled during that epic panel you want to be at while making certain you fulfill the 10 hour requirement too!

The best thing about becoming ConSuite Staff is, you don’t have to have prior experience to join us. If you are willing to learn, able to help and want to be part of one of the most legendary ConSuites in Conventiondom, I want YOU! 90% of the friends I look forward to seeing once a year, I met through the ConSuite. To this day, I work it because I really do get to be around everyone at con, and guess what, I never have to look for them – they come to me – In the ConSuite! 😀

What do you do as ConSuite Staff? Read Below for the short answers:

Various Duties of ConSuite Staff:

*Beer Troll Staff – The Beer Troll Position will only be handled by Staff Members, so this one is up for grabs by anyone 21 years of age or older. You will be stationed with the Beer, and as an Attendee presents their legally valid ID, you will draw them a beer and hand it to them. Simple as that. We provide seating (if you like,) and make sure you get breaks or help during busy times, and we definitely make certain you get some of that Hot Food too! (Beer Trolls even earn a special Ribbon denoting to all of the Con that you are in fact, A Beer Troll)

*ConSuite Staff – Working with the dual Suites , you will be assigned various tasks that you and your Volunteer Penguins get done during your shift. Pop Tubs will need to be filled (and re-filled,) Food items replenished, food items heated, cooked or warmed. Clean Up of the suites will be on going in small increments and basically you chat it up with our fellow Penguicon Attendees, keeping the suites running smoothly. Because every set of Staffers will also have Volunteer (penguins) in the Suite working with you, you won’t be stuck with all the tasks, all the time.

*Pack In/Pack Out Staff – Pack In is scheduled for sometime during the morning, early afternoon hours of Thursday, April 26th. Pack In Staffers will be meeting with Cylithria and Dan Eckerd of Logistics at an assigned, secret location (some loading area of the hotel) and we’ll be using hand carts and dolly to transport the ConSuite’s possessions and food items up to room 404. Due to the nature of this type of work, we do offer a double hour system on Pack In (Or Pack Out) Day(s). For every one hour you work on Thursday (or Monday), you earn 2 hours towards your 10 hour minimum. Pack Out Staff also do the same thing, except in reverse. Monday, April 30th we box it all up and carry it back down to that secret location (loading area) and get it the hell out of the Hyatt! Pack Out Staff also earn Double Hours.

*Be Advised: Pack In/Pack Out requires lifting, and or sorting, good organizational skills. If you have any limitations but wish to be part of the Pack In/ Pack Out, email me and we can see if this duty is right for you!

Staff members of ConSuite will be receiving weekly email updates from me, as news becomes available. I hope each will make suggestions, speak up when they see a potential problem and definitely ask if there is something they want to learn while being in the ConSuite.

To become a member of the ConSuite Staff, please fill out the following ConSuite Staff Application: http://goo.gl/SJKO1

Thanks everyone and see you in the epic ConSuite of Penguicon 2012!
Cylithria Dubois
Head of Hospitality