Feb 242012

There are still several openings for presentations, events, and panels.  If you are hoping to present in some way, please take some time to contact us with your ideas.

Other ways to help out come in the form of donating items we need.  Different projects require different supplies, some of which are harder to come by.  Many staff members are seeking out equipment and donations right now.  If you have something you don’t need and would like to see go to good use, let us know, maybe we can use it.

On that note, we are preparing some of the Prom decorations and could use some help with that. 

I need yarn, dowel rods, a photo booth, a button maker, a music filled usb stick, felt, thin ribbon, buttons, people who like to make stuff…

We are working on the prom decorations, favors and awesomeness.  Is there anyone who has any of those things laying around? knows how to get them at reasonable prices? is interested in donating some time to make yarn puff balls, mini felt robots and ragdolls?

We have an excellent photographer spending her time taking pro pics of us all in our prom garb, but if someone could help out with a printable photo booth, that would be swell 🙂

If you can help in any of these areas, email me at programming@penguicon.org


Thank You Penguicon Community!